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◄Buy & Sell Rules► ◄Signature Selling Rules► ◄◄▬READ OR BAN▬►►

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◄Buy & Sell Rules► ◄Signature Selling Rules► ◄◄▬READ OR BAN▬►►

Post by Champ on Thu Sep 09, 2010 6:23 am

These are the new rules, they go into effect immediately. Make all reports to me in PM's.
These rules can change at any time. You are required to read these rules and follow them.

General Rules
1. No Profanity or Derogatory Language | KeeP These RULES in MIND ""General Forum Rules""

2. No Bumping/ Double-Posting unless it has been 24 hours since your last post.

3. We are not Interpol or the COPYRIGHT Office. So don’t ask us to be. Get a lawyer.

4. E-Books are subject to inspection for illegal content, If you sell one, better have a free one for a MOD or ADMIN to examine. We will use NorthOwl most likely.

5. Be respectful and professional at all times, I am too young to babysit and to old to care.

6. No pornography or gambling sites.

7. No account selling of any kind, this includes RAPIDS.


NO tolerance for account selling | Sell on board | NO external links | NO VCC

1. Professionalism is not asked of, it is demanded in this thread between all people involved.

2. Your product must be sold on to sell here. No redirection to other sites or your sales site to complete the deal. We want 100% transparency.

3. Your product must be legitimate, meaning that upon request you will have 36 hours to provide proof that you have the rights to sell or permission. If you can not, it’s gone!

4. Your product must come with a full description, detailed and vivid, including some form of Seller’s Contract (example listed below)

5. You will be limited to 5 Active Buy and Sell Threads Sellers, No Exceptions.

6. Bidding type offers – if shill bidding is suspected or defrauding the bid is found. You will not exist on. I ask that bids be kept to minimum, one bid a month. But as long as there is no problems, at your discretion.

7. When a complaint is filled, the Ruling Authority will determine if the complaint is valid. If it is valid, the Seller will be given a fair and set amount of time to resolve the complaint.

8. When receiving a complaint, if done so properly (which is explained under Buyer’s Rules) you will take it seriously and professionally. Attempt to make a fair and prompt resolution before we come. If it is not valid, then wait and leave it alone. Report it to ME.

9. Timely responses are expected and required to all inquires. If you are going to be away for more than a day, WE NEED TO KNOW, PERIOD. There will be stickie to do so. This is so everyone knows.

10. You are required to follow and read this rules to participate in this section.

11. The standards for you are higher, like it or not. So I would rather see buyers losing there cool before you guys.

12. Selling on this board is a privilege, not a right, and the privilege can be taken away.

13. We are not your personal store. So don't treat us like one or ask us to do your dirty work.

1. Respected is not asked of, it is demanded in this thread between all people involved.

2. When purchasing a product, do so at YOUR OWN RISK.

3. Complaints – if you feel like the seller has done something wrong or you have a valid complaint that isn’t a flame or smear tactic. Post complaints in the main complaint section. Only associated parties may only participate in complaint threads related to B/S (buyer/sellers).

4. You will not question a Seller’s price, if you don’t like the price, go shop somewhere else. Do not tell them you think they are a rip off, or whatever. That’s what the Buy-Sell Complaint section is for. If you post in a Seller’s thread to make sure he knows that you think he script sucks, you got ban.

5. Only post in Seller’s threads that you are genuinely interested in purchasing.

6. You are required to follow and read this rules to participate in this section.

In all grievances that arise on this board, I shall have the final word. I have spent much time in rebuilding this board, listening to the complaints leading up to its destruction, policed its former ghetto that it was, etc.
I will have a ZERO Tolerance for breaking the rules on this board. I will however hold small discussions once a month or bi-monthly for rule changes or updates. There will be a public forum.
I will allow one week of grace in some areas for Buyers and Sellers to adjust. Beyond that, I will hand out 1 week bans for all violations, period. Unless you just deserved that good old perma ban.
Minor violations will be dealt with by the following:
- Locking your thread for a period of time
- 1 day Bans

Sellers Contract: You are required to make a contact that EVERYONE can see. It doesn’t have to look like this but it must outline the same thing I have. Price, details, time frame.
Cost: $60.00

Product: Phatorbits Pimp Daddy Script
- 1 Aurora 4.3.2 Installed on the domain of your choice
- 2 Months free hosting from me
- Integrated forum
- Testing and verification at the end
This way you can check off what you do and we can see the progress of sales.
Estimate Time of Installation and Checklist: 1 week-10 days

Good to know Info:
WTB - Want to Buy
WTS - Want to Sell
Ruling Authority – Phorbs, YourPTC (MEM Opted Out), MAK

Good Day All .... With the majority who voted to have the chance to sell their signature , emod has considered the request and have now put something into place ........ As fast as this came to light , it can also be taken away if there is any kind of excessive abuse .... So Good Luck for those who take part ... Collector has been gracious enough to help pray with this project


1 ) No adult links (PORN) or banners in any way (including dating sites).

2 ) No gambling sites (including games for money).

3 ) No warez or any similar sites.

4) Members with negative Total reputation are disqualified from Selling or Renting their signature.

5 ) If you are caught in having signature link or banner which is breaking those rules you will be banned for 10 days. If you are caught in doing it again you will be permanently banned.

6 ) We have every right to delete your signature if we find it inappropriate....

7 ) No rotating banners, banners which change upon refresh or at all.

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